Back-to-School Makeovers

Written by guest blogger and author of The Clutter Diet,  Lorie Marrero. Back-to-School means getting ready in the morning swiftly and efficiently. Because your closet is the first thing you see when you roll out of bed,   let’s make sure it’s designed to help you rather than slow you down! In READ MORE

The Perfect Playroom

If your family is lucky enough to have a playroom in your home, it can be one of the most fun and cute rooms to design and have! Having a functional and playful playroom is great for your kids when they come home and need a place to relax and even get some homework done. Here are some tips to READ MORE

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before School Starts

Written by guest blogger and author of The Clutter Diet, Lorie Marrero What are my “back-to-school resolutions”? Start this school year by considering last year’s frustrations and how you could try to eliminate them.  What did you always find yourself yelling to the kids at the last minute?  What READ MORE

Homework Oasis

Back-to-school is quickly approaching and for some of you, it’s already here! This means homework is starting to pile up on your kid’s schedule, practice for sports are beginning and group projects will be taking place in your home. While no one really loves doing homework, it’s an important part of READ MORE

Dorm Room Essentials

College is starting in a few weeks (for some, it’s starting now) and for incoming freshmen, it can be an overwhelming time of transitions. Going away for the first time, living on their own, not sure what to bring—there’s tons of things to think about! And as a parent, you want to feel that your READ MORE