Curtail the mess during winter!

Since we are in the midst of winter, and some of us in colder parts of the country need room for sweaters, coats, mittens and scarves. It’s important to stay organized and not let that cold weather and cabin fever get to us! Here are some tips when it comes to containing the clutter and mess during READ MORE

Organizing School Projects

With the kids at school, there are bound to be tons of projects coming in and out of your home. Whether it be an art project, a presentation for a science class or even a written story, it can create a cluttered mess! Many times the kids get off the bus, give you a big hug, then dump all of their READ MORE

5 Habits to Help You Keep Your Clutter-Free New Year’s Resolution

Keeping that New Year’s Resolution to get organized can be challenging, but it really amounts to changing your habits. What if you could naturally think more like an organized person?  Here are five new habits from professional organizer, Lorie Marrero, to help you keep that resolution and maintain READ MORE

Makeover the bathroom with these DIY and affordable products

Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in the home, which can make it challenging to keep them organized and clutter free. Since it is also one of the busiest spaces, with everyone in the family and guests using it, it’s good to keep the area looking organized and clean. Here are some affordable, READ MORE

Find Your “Perfect State of Organization”

Life gets busy and clutter has a way of sneaking up on everyone. It may be all those shoes, the lack of space or the fact that you have absolutely no time – there are many reasons for the mess. But, whether you’re a single person living in an apartment or have a large family in a sprawling house, READ MORE